Exploring the Diversity of Agritourism

Ever been curious to learn about options to increase your revenue streams, diversify and innovate your farm business? 

You are invited to attend Livingstone Shire Council’s free “Exploring the Diversity of Agritourism – What’s your potential?” information event on the 12th September 2023. Join us along with other likeminded landholders to learn how you might be able to unlock your potential and discover the opportunities that the growing sector of Agritourism can bring beyond the farm gate in our region. Let’s grow the seeds of success!

Join us at the Livingstone Shire Agritourism Field Day to learn how to increase your revenue streams by integrating Agritourism into your business. This event is an information day where you can learn about options to diversify and innovate your farm business. The content and speakers will help you discover opportunities both on-farm and beyond the farm gate, including:

  • exploring options for leveraging your farm assets and/or current production
  • investigating ideas for diversification or value adding
  • developing new pathways to market
  • your potential for tapping into the visitor economy.

Attendees will have the chance to apply to participate in Regionality’s Food and Agritourism Business Development Program (ABDP) delivered by agri-innovation and agritourism specialists Regionality Pty Ltd. The ABDP is designed to support farmers and food innovators to learn new skills and develop their business concept through four full-day intensive workshops.

Why should I come?

  • This is an opportunity to investigate possibilities to diversify or innovate your existing farm business, with the potential to provide an alternative or additional income stream or succession planning opportunity to keep family members on the land.
  • Learn from the locals: listen to and learn from the experiences of local producers who are already on the path to developing food innovations or agritourism as part of their farm business.

Who can participate?

Farmers, producers, food innovators and rural land owners in the Livingstone Shire can apply for this program and we will help you decide if the program is right for you.


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Event Times

09:30 am - 02:30 pm Tuesday 12th September, 2023

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