Cattle parasite management workshop – pilot

Commercial Hotel
80 Capella Street
Clermont, QLD
Wednesday 10 April 2024


ParaBoss is Australia’s premier source of independent
information about management and control of parasites
in cattle, goats and sheep.
The ParaBoss extension team are developing a one day workshop that
will help cattle producers manage parasites in their livestock in
accordance with best practice principles.
You are invited to attend a pilot workshop which will discuss:

• Main parasites of cattle in Australian cattle herds, including the
life cycles, impacts on livestock of:
» Worms
» Cattle, bush and paralysis tick
» Buffalo Fly
• Effective control of parasites
• Choosing products to control parasites
• Best practice application of parasiticides
• Managing and avoiding chemical resistance – including rotation,
application, genetic solutions etc
• Integrated parasite management
• Biosecurity

The workshop will assist you with developing an integrated parasite
management plan for your cattle operation, which you will be able to
take to implement on your property.

There is no cost to attend the workshop. By attending the pilot
workshop, we will ask you for detailed feedback on the content, to help
us refine the workshop to meet industry needs. Your feedback will be
treated confidentially.

Event Times

09:00 am - 03:00 pm Wednesday 10th April, 2024

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