FBA Celebrates National Ag Day

Grow you good thing! is the catch cry for this year’s National Agriculture Day.

The Agricultural team at FBA is constantly growing and evolving to stay at the forefront of all things ag. While they all have different backgrounds and have walked their own unique paths into the industry, there is one thing they all share and that’s the passion to help shape a sustainable future for farmers in the Fitzroy region.

We asked the team what it is about the industry that fuels their passion!

Kate Woolley, Annie May and Lochlan Jepson are all in FBA’s ag team spread across the Fitzroy Region.

Kate is based in our Rockhampton office and is always happiest when she’s out and about in the field.

“I chose a career in agriculture based on my love of animals and working with people. Every time I go out in the field I get to see incredible Australian landscapes and witness the resilience of the people who live and work on the land. If you love wide open spaces, animals and can get going when the going gets tough…this is the industry for you,” Kate said.

Annie is based in our Theodore office and is a passionate industry advocate.

“Agriculture has always been a massive part of my life so choosing a career in ag seemed natural and the best way to love what I do every day. My favourite thing about working in ag is definitely the people I get to meet. If you are considering joining the industry, my best bit of advice is just do it!” Annie said.

Lochlan is based in our Emerald office but you’ll most likely find him out in the field.

“Passion for the agricultural Industry runs in our family. It’s essentially the economy of Australia as far as I’m concerned. Every day I get to go out and help people become more productive, more profitable and more sustainable is a good day at work,” Lochlan said.

We celebrate our wonderful team everyday but this National Ag day we’d love to give them an extra shout out for being such a vital part of helping to grow the industry.