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Get ahead the smart way

Doing the best thing by your property, profits and family can be tough.

Let us help you access training, support and expertise to:

  • improve your productivity and profitability
  • upskill in the areas you need
  • access industry expert advice
  • build your support networks

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What’s involved?

Our Land Management Officers can help you meet your specific property needs and business goals whilst also improving waterway health.
Once you sign up, you can expect:

  • property visits to identify your needs
  • support to attend identified and agreed training workshops
  • personal referral to funding programs

What participants have said:

Steve Farmer, Mt Elsa

“Technology is constantly improving and there’s a huge amount of research going on in agriculture – I think training is really important. It lets me grab what’s been learnt from it at a hands-on level to make a difference to my property and management to improve production.”

Elaine Neilson, Annadale

“I’m always open to something new. If I can learn a new technology or new idea, that’s great because I think it’s essential to work smarter and not harder.”


Louis Moore, Dovecot

“I’ve achieved more than I expected
and I think the program exceeded
what I expected – without it I’d be
struggling let me put it that way.
It’s completely changed the grazing situation – I’ve definitely got stock quieter, increased groundcover and animal performance is improving.”

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