Carbon Farming in central Queensland

Carbon farming is any agricultural practice that increases or preserves carbon in soil and vegetation.

Scientists have observed that since the industrial revolution there is more carbon in the atmosphere. There are many benefits to be gained through carbon farming including increased productivity, income diversification, profitability and a healthier planet.

The investment in carbon credits, accrued through carbon farming, is emerging as a priority for key industries such as transport, mining and aviation. The carbon market is providing a unique opportunity for landholders to improve their land condition as well as gain returns on productive, unproductive or unused land.

The Australian and Queensland Government have established programs to increase the adoption of carbon farming across Australia.

The Queensland Government’s $500 million Land Restoration Fund aims to empower farmers, land managers and landholders with the support needed to generate additional, regular and diverse income streams and protect their business in tough times through carbon farming projects – learn more.
In 2014 the Australian Government invested $2.55 billion in the Emissions Reduction Fund. The fund supports Australian businesses, farmers and land managers to take practical actions to reduce emissions and improve the environment – learn more.

By working with FBA, landholders have an opportunity to implement practices that increase and preserve carbon in plants and soils. There are a number of carbon farming practices, including the eight listed below, that central Queenslanders are adopting.

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