Capricorn Coast unusual post-hatchling turtle stranding event

Stranded post-hatchling

A number of post-hatchling flatback turtles have been found dead or stranded on the Capricorn Coast beaches since the end of January 2021.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) , along with FBA’s Team Turtle CQ (TTCQ) Volunteers are closely monitoring the situation.

If you find a dead or stranded post-hatchling turtle, The Department of Environment and Science is asking residents and visitors to follow the below steps.

  1. Take a photo and record the GPS position.
  2. Report to the DES Hotline – 1300 130 372 (Option 1 then Option 4). Leave a message if unattended – they will return your call.
    Please note, you may be asked to keep turtles that are dead or in poor health (i.e. lethargic & can’t swim away) until a TTCQ volunteer or a QPWS officer can collect it for monitoring and research.
  3. Release healthy turtles (i.e. alert, active and can swim well)

The Department of Environment and Science is also asking visitors and locals in the Capricorn Coast region to turn out their lights at night if they are residing near the shoreline. Monitoring of newly emerged hatchlings at Peak Island has shown that hatchlings are heading towards the Yeppoon Coast instead of seaward.

To learn more about how light polution impacts marine turtles click here.