Capricorn Coast to plan for the future of the Reef

Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA), in partnership with Capricornia Catchments, have been announced as Community Action Plan Leaders for the Capricorn Coast region to drive positive change for the Great Barrier Reef.

FBA Chief Executive Officer Elyse Riethmuller welcomed the opportunity to deliver meaningful positive change, driven by community-led initiatives.

“FBA are passionate about working in unity alongside community champions in this project. The Capricorn Coast are fantastic Reef stewards, and we are eager to support furthering the visions and capacity of the community.”

The Community Action Plan will create shared goals for local Reef protection through community consultation to identify critical projects and develop a practical plan for the Capricorn Coast.

Capricornia Catchments Projects Officer Shelly McArdle highlighted that momentum continues to grow in the community, ensuring the work of this initiative will span generations.

“We have so many people in the community that are working to conserve the ecological and cultural values of our coastal and marine environment,” she said.

“As a team, our organisations are excited to support and inspire the community in their ambitious goals to make an enduring and meaningful impact on the Reef.”

Great Barrier Reef Foundation Managing Director Anna Marsden said the Great Barrier Reef is an irreplaceable ecosystem that can and must be saved for future generations.

“Our Reef is facing a growing combination of threats, with climate change and increasing water temperatures affecting coral health. That means we have to step up our response. We’re already making an impact, but there is a lot more to be done to save our Reef and its marine life,” Ms Marsden said. “Regional communities are at the forefront of on-ground and in-water efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef and these Plans will enable them to accelerate local Reef protection actions and strengthen connections with Reef science and management”.

 The Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Community Action Plan project is funded by the partnership with the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.

If you’re a local community group or member who would like to be involved in the Community Action Plan, please contact Camille Conway on 4999 2338 or