Beach scrub

Beach scrub

Critically endangered under Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Beach scrub is the common term for vegetation communities categorized as Littoral Rainforest and Coastal Vine Thickets. Patches of beach scrub occur within a few kilometres of the coast, near estuaries or on islands, and feature many different trees, scrubs, vines, ferns and mosses.

Less than 30% of the original extent of beach scrub remains along Australia’s east coast. Most of it has been cleared to make way for buildings and beach access, or reduced by farming, fire and natural disturbances.

Beach scrub helps keep our coasts in shape by:

  • stabilizing coastal landscapes and beach dunes and preventing erosion,
  • acting as a wind break, and
  • providing habitat for animals, including a number of threatened species.

FBA has been working with the community to map out remnants of beach scrub in our region, so we can help promote its wise management. We also support local volunteer groups to protect and restore patches through weeding and fencing. Local priority sites include:

  • Big Dune (Farnborough Beach)
  • Lammermoor Beach
  • Fisherman’s Beach (Emu Park)

Find out more about beach scrub, its location, identification, importance and species here.

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