Achieving great things for our reef, our region, our future – Part 3

This November we’re sharing 4 short case studies that showcase the diversity and dedication of our team and community, and the work they do to help protect our landscape and reef.
Read Part 1 – CASE STUDY 1: Gully Erosion in the Fitzroy Basin
Read Part 2 – CASE STUDY 2: DIY with training and workshops

CASE STUDY 3: Connecting community, landscape and reef in Rockhampton CBD

Since it’s opening in March 2012, FBA’s FLOW Visitors Centre has welcomed over 22,000 visitors. Showcasing the diverse and spectacular landscape features, plants and animals in our region, FLOW also demonstrates how human activities rely on and impact them. Key highlights of FLOW include interactive displays (like our Augmented Reality Sandbox) that help visitors understand landscape processes, and how land use and their actions ultimately impact the reef.  While focus displays and themes regularly change, the take-home message always highlights the important interconnections between our health, industries, land and sea.


FLOW is great place to learn about our region, pick up information on FBA’s latest project achievements as well as handy educational resources. FLOW is open Tuesday-Thursday between the hours of 10am and 3pm, and open for group and school bookings for those seeking a catchment-wide adventure in Rockhampton’s CBD.