Achieving great things for our reef, our region, our future – Part 1

On the back of our latest Annual Report, we thought it an opportune time to reflect on just how much is achieved for our environment, community and reef through FBA projects. We work with community groups, landholders and industry to improve land management practices to safeguard our local environment as well as one of the world’s greatest icons – the Great Barrier Reef. The benefits flow to our communities and local industries – a truly great win:win for present and future generations.
Over the month of November we’ll be sharing 4 short case studies that showcase the diversity and dedication of our team and community.

CASE STUDY 1: Gully Erosion in the Fitzroy Basin

Through funding from the Australian Government’s Reef Programme, FBA worked with six landholders to address active erosion on their properties. After months of careful planning with soil conservation experts and FBA Land Management Officers, onground works were completed in 2016. The result? Rehabilitation of unproductive land, reduction of sediment flowing into creeks and to our reef, and some very grateful, inspired landholders. Check out the onground results and what these landholders have to say about the project in this short 5 minute video!


FBA is always seeking expressions of interest from landholders who are keen to improve land management practices, their productivity, profits and make a contribution to the sustainability of our region. Download an information brochure and submit your EOI form today! You can also find out more at one of the many events around the region – check out the FBA event calendar for your nearest event.