Access training support and expertise to benefit your grazing business

Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) has a number of programs on offer that provide different levels of support. Our team will take the time to understand your business, and recommend programs suited to you and your property.
What’s on offer?
We can provide opportunities to benefit your business. You may be eligible to receive one-on-one assistance to develop property management plans, participate in training or access grants to undertake projects such as installing additional fencing or watering points.
The benefits to you:

  • Improve productivity and profitability
  • Enhance current knowledge and skills
  • Access experts for information and advice
  • Learn how to use online management tools
  • Receive assistance to plan for your property’s future
  • Build additional networks within the industry
  • Incentives for on-ground projects access

Are you interested?
You are eligible to seek assistance if your property is within the green shaded area on this map – download here.
To find your property with ease with this more detailed interactive map.
Fill out and return the Expression of Interest Form to get involved.
We know you have limited time, we get that.
However, we also know that investing in your future is important to you. FBA is keen to support you in pursuing any opportunity that may be available to enhance the productivity, profitability and ultimately the sustainability of your grazing business.
Why other graziers are involved:
Approach everything with an open mind. It’s just such a good opportunity to learn new skills.” Louis Moore, Dovecot
“I want to improve our land management..and the business management. I see this as an opportunity to do more training in that area.” Steve Farmer, Mt Elsa
“There’s certainly miles and miles of room for improvement here. I was up for a challenge so I said ‘righto. I’ve learned that I don’t know everything.’” Geoffrey Urquhart, Alligator Flats
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