About Us

FBA is the organisation that can bridge the gap between knowledge and action, and bring projects that combine environmental awareness, increased profitability and improved production to life.

We are the experts of our region. We translate complex information – explaining legislation, new technologies and changes in best practice in a way that becomes tangible, practical actions land managers and the community can do.  We work with all parts of our community to implement evidence-based, accessible solutions that are relevant to our region.

When it comes to the environment, landholders and our local community, FBA is best placed to lead and support projects that protect the future prosperity and resilience of our land and sea.


Inspired and empowered communities who value our natural assets.


To empower our region with the resources, knowledge and skills to maintain our natural assets for future generations.


Although funding, partners and projects change over time, and must do so in order to meet new challenges and demands, the work of FBA is always to achieve 7 critical goals that ensure the continued prosperity and health of our region.

  1. Community engagement and involvement
  2. Best Management Practice
  3. Informed land use planning and management
  4. Resilient and adaptable industries
  5. Long-term sustainability
  6. Healthy rivers and waterways
  7. Healthy ecosystems that support biodiversity

How we operate to deliver outcomes: