$4 Million invested into the Fitzroy Region’s Coastal Ecosystems

The Australian Government’s Reef Trust is providing $4 million to the Fitzroy region to protect iconic species, the overall health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef and associated coastal habitats.

The funding will be invested in the region through central Queensland’s natural resource management body Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA).

FBA’s Senior Project Officer, Cassandra Tracey, will lead the multifaceted project with the help of our local communities.

“FBA prides itself in implementing the best available science through our projects, which over 22 years, has established a portfolio of evidence-based and accessible solutions for environmental management,” she said.

“This project will help FBA and our local community to implement priority actions across a vast coastal area from Stanage Bay to Boyne Island. We will be working with all sectors of the community to manage threats to threatened species and ecosystems, including the Great Barrier Reef.”

The multifaceted project will involve feral animal and weed control, marine debris removal, erosion control, fish passages, environmental monitoring, community and indigenous engagement and the hosting of the Ramsar Management Advisory Group.

Across Queensland, this project is part of the $28 million announcement made by the Morrison Government to support regional jobs and empower reef communities.

Special Envoy for the Great Barrier Reef Warren Entsch said that this important work will help improve awareness and volunteer engagement in Landcare activities and strengthen partnerships with local communities and Traditional Owners.

“This is about working with people and backing local communities and the result will be cleaner beaches, thriving habitats, healthier coastal ecosystems and species, and a more resilient Great Barrier Reef,” Mr Entsch said.

The project delivery partners include community groups, private landholders, Traditional Owner Groups, the Department of Defence, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Australasian Fish Passage Services, Local Councils and research organisations.

This project is delivered by Fitzroy Basin Association with funding from the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.