Graham Volck

Graham has been successfully growing irrigated crops, predominantly cotton, in the Emerald region for 30 years.

With a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Science, Graham spent his early career with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) as an Extension Agronomist in Toowoomba, St George and Emerald, gaining significant insight into the agricultural industry.

His cropping background has led to an interest in habitat and wildlife within the farming landscape and he is mindful of both in his production system. Having a say in the sustainable management of our natural assets led to his involvement on the Board. Graham was elected to the FBA Board in 2016.

“Being a board member provides an opportunity for me to contribute to the success of an organisation that places a priority on the well-being of our natural environment.

My philosophy to farming has changed over time. In the early days it was about surviving and profit. Now it’s also very much about sustainability, longevity and having a balanced approach. We’ve returned 16% of our least productive land to habitat and increased overall productivity at the same time. Our farms support a wide array of wildlife and that gives me great pleasure.

Beyond the farm, spending time with my wife and three children is paramount, and trekking, surfing and scuba-diving get a look in when I get the chance.”

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